In the market for a flat?

Burgtec launch new Penthouse Flats...

The new Burgtec Penthous Flats.

The British-made Burgtec Penthouse Flats have had a cult following since their launch. Their big, robust shape was a winner right from the off with the flat pedal brigade.


Well, the latest incarnations, the Mrk.III’s have just landed and it’s a case of evolution not revolution. Lets face it though, there’s no point ruining a good thing is there?!

They’re different in three ways; firstly they’re lighter, a lot lighter! The Mrk.III’s have shed 250g compared to their predecessors. They still weigh in at a not insignificant 550g with steel axles (a Ti version is in the pipeline) but it’s worth remembering that these pedals are built tough. Burgtec offer a three year race warranty on bodies and axles.

Secondly, they’re thinner too (that’s where they lost some of the weight). Thinner pedals equals more ground clearance, an essential on today’s ultra-slammed bottom brackets.

And finally, the pins have changed too. They now screw through the body as opposed to into it. This results in easily extracted pins no matter how mangled they get. The pins themselves also features a built-in breaking point, this enables the head to break away under heavy impacts as opposed to bending and wrecking the pedal body. Tidy.


We’re just wedging a pair under Doddy now so watch out for a full review soon…