Kona Mash-Up powered by MBUK!

It’s time to do battle on Afan’s technical and enduro loops…

One of our favourite events last year had to be the MBUK powered Kona Mash-up. Mixing up a bit of downhill, trail riding and cross country we loved it because it was a highly competitive event but still managed to have a real relaxed friendly vibe running through the day.


Well, the good news it’s happening again this weekend (13th June) at Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre in Afan Forest.

For those of you that missed it last year the format’s pretty simple. There are two main categories you can enter.

First up the Enduro. This is basically a loop made up from the entire White’s Level trail and the July trail and sees riders battle it out to post the best time over the 40km section. Within that there are also timing mats for downhill, singletrack and uphill sections so you can really see where you went fastest (or not!), when the friendly banter with your mates goes down at the end.

Then there’s the Technical category. This one’s based on White’s Level and allows riders to cruise their way up the timed sections, keeping energy reserves high so you can then go flat out down the timed downhill sections.

Whichever one’s for you we’ll be keeping our ear to the ground to pick out a winner for our MBUK Spirit Awards – basically a search for those riders who show extraordinary guts, determination or camaraderie in the face of battle, so even if you don’t post the fastest time you could still be a winner!

This year there’s an improved timing setup with fiber optics supported ‘live timing’ on the black run and a super user friendly online entry system available.


For full details check out http://konaworld.uk.com/mash-up/