Las Vagueness

Rumours and whispers from Interbike

What haves SRAM got up their sleeves for the future?

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and that’s certainly the truth with half the stuff we chased out of the undergrowth in our five days here. So, next time your hairdresser tries to soothe the ear-threatening minutes away with the latest Britney/Paris/Olsen drivel, drop these onto their linoleum floor and watch the short and curlies scatter:


Not on any Sunday anymore, but possibly on BB30 if the sub 40lb DEMOnstrator the head product manager is rolling on is anything to go by.

Not the groupset you might expect to come marching in with a double and bash chainset and 28mm rims, but seems someone is planning something extra beyond going decimal.

Did we say decimal?

One other company is certainly going full speed to get ahead of the game, while the other big player is making sure a ratio shortage isn’t the reversal that mars their next launch. There’s nothing Double Tap about the group who are planning to go up to a Spinal Tap 11 with their road groupo.

Prowling the show like a one man Jackson and Travolta with a case of transmission gold, Mr Tobler was proving that thirteen is unlucky for the other chain savers.

Anyone suspicious that Dave Weagle’s incredible talent for producing stunning designs has been hatched by some Faustian pact won’t be surprised that he’s officially sold his soul to Evil. THE product range/bike launch of the show never left the laptop, but left us slackjawed with anticipation and excitement at an otherwise arousing but never properly gusset corrupting show.

Talking of industry dynamos, the Gabe Fox triplets celebrated their 16th birthday in fine style, by announcing several new strings to their already deadly compound creativity bow.


You want more? Get it yourself – we’ve got dinner to go to.