How loud could we make a jump bike?

The Turbospoke is fitted

The run-up to Christmas is always a mental time at MBUK Towers. There’s a massive holiday right in the middle of two magazine issues and every day seems to be yet another grinding deadline.


Determined not to be stressed-out come the big man’s birthday though, Ric and Spoy took a ‘screen break’ and headed for the workshop. The brief was simple: how loud could they make a jump bike?

To begin with, on went a Turbo Spoke which comes with a faux racing-inspired tail-pipe. The Turbo Spoke is basically a  beer matt in the spokes for the younger generation. After a bit of experimenting we plumped for the raspy ‘250cc’ card for a better power-to-weight ratio. Ahem.

We also fitted a Samui Air Zound air-horn which is actually so loud that it physically hurts your ears. We’re talking 120db loud!


So with Ric’s Specialized P1 sounding like the world’s illest (we don’t mean that in a ‘yoof’ way either) 250 we headed off to our local multi-storey car park to let off some pent-up festive stress…

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