MBUK Exclusive! Manitou Dorado Pro 2010s

They're hot as fork

When we got wind of the new Manitou Dorado Pro downhill forks we just had to have ’em. 


So we grovelled and pleaded, and used quite possibly illegal blackmail to bag one of only two pairs in Europe. They even come in their own special hard case. Now that’s quality.

We’ll have a full review soon, but in the meantime just feast your eyes on these beauties.

The fork has seen some big tweaks for 2010 after the MRD Dorado Carbon launched last year. Most significant has to be the 7050 alloy legs. These are hoped to help improve stiffness and make steering more precise.

Internally, the Pro still uses the same TPC+ damping unit which is super-plush and makes the fork track the ground extremely well. 2010 sees an improved two-chamber large-volume low-pressure air spring which will make things easier to set up and should make for a suppler ride.

Unlike last year, the Pro now only uses a single air valve as opposed to the two used last year, meaning you can add or lose air nice and easily straight from the top.

Manitou claim the forks weigh in at around 6.55lb (3kg) and are handmade at their factory in Wisconsin. Word is they’ll be selling for £1,349.99 from Hotlines.


We’ll be running a full review of these bad boys in MBUK253 (out 30 June) once we’ve given them a proper beasting. Meanwhile follow MBUK on Twitter. We promise not to tell you what we had for breakfast.