Red or Dead

Troy Lee Designs D3 Crash Tested!

The new red D3

Now Troy Lee’s D3 lid may be old (ish) news now, but we’ve been lucky enough to get hold of the only red one in Europe for our upcoming helmet test.


As you can see, this lid looks almost too good to wear, but for the benefit of the mag, I bit the bullet and headed to South Wales to get a feel for this cutting edge head protector.

A few runs in and the speed was begining to increase down the twisty Welsh hillside…

Just as I was getting comfortable on the bike, I managed to clip a pedal and highside off the bike.

It was one of those crashes that seemed to happen so fast that you’re never really sure whats happened or whats going on. The new lid took a knock and it was a well positioned tree stump that stopped my flailing body in the end.

A quick once over and I was just about fine with the lid looking as good as new. Good times. Nothing like a crash to loosen things up!

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