Ric hits the magic 39!

After six months at the mag, the hairy Ulsterman's Iron Horse Sunday sneaks in below the 40lb mark...

Since the magic moment Iron Horse‘s Martin handed me the reins I’ve loved my Sunday Team, as any regular readers of the mag will probably know.


My old Giant Glory was admittedly a firm favourite too but its considerable girth often held it back.

Out of the box/van, the Horse weighed in at a shade under 44lbs which although a lot leaner than the Giant, was improvable.

Sundays have a bit of a cult following for their weight loss potential. After scouring the forums and checking out one of last year’s World Cup bikes, I realised that the magic number was the mysterious 38lb mark. These bikes were either fully titanium/magnesium’d up factory machines or stripped and polished one season wonders so I set my sights at a little more practical 40lb.

Well, after an afternoon’s spannering, I decided to get the digi-scales out and have a butcher’s at what the current weight-of-affairs was. I reckoned it’d be just over 40lb but to my surprise and joy it’s just crept under. Sound!

No stupid mods, no compromises or ultra-bling extravagances, just a well-thought out spec that works for me!


Check out the next issue of the mag for more on what I’ve been up to with the Horse.