Ric’s Horse gets new boots

In the old days this would have taken a blacksmith and a big hammer...

The wheels on my Iron Horse Sunday Team were always something that I was keen to upgrade and today ended up being the day it all came together.


The standard Sunn Ringle MTX rims and un-branded hubs have seen more than their fair share of idiot behaviour over the last 6 months so it was time for a newer, lighter change.  

My new Mavic DeeTraks arrived yesterday and they look mint. Covered in graphics (which include some unnecessary swearing) and at just over 2250g for the pair they’re a cracking set of hoops but I decided to lop a few extra grams off again. Hotlines kindly sorted me out with a Joe’s No Flats conversion kit along with some mint Aztec rotors from Madison.

The rotors have a wave-style design which is supposed to increase braking feel and power but I need a decent run on them to ascess that. They caught my eye however because of their claimed 35% weight saving over standard rotors. The difference is noticable and better than the regular saving, they reduce rotational weight making the wheels spin quicker and me go faster. A bit.

I’ve stuck with my Maxxis Minion DH rubber for the time being; they’re predictable roll quickly and hook up well in sloppy Bath mud. Job done.

The tubeless conversion did take a fair bit of swearing and mess-making to achieve. I ended up having to take a drive down ‘Cheaters Lane’ however by using a CO2 cartridge to shock the tires on to the rims. The back one was a lot less effort than the front but they both eventually sealed.


Watch out for a full review of all my new parts in an up-coming MBUK very soon…