Sam Pilgrim enjoys some happy holidays

Sam's been loving it in Munich

So we’re nearing the end of 2008 and it’s been a pretty busy month what with the pressures of Christmas we have to deal with… Have I bought such and such present?  Did I remember to open my advent calender window? What tyres should I use in this weather?


Actually that last point hasn’t been too tricky. I’ve only needed to use KHE skatepark tyres recently because I’ve been in Munich sessioning the cool Munich Indoor BikePark with a bunch of good friends and riders.

Our host was Amir Kabbani, one of Germany’s best freeriders, who finished second place at 26 Trix earlier in the year. Riding with us were top French freeriders Pierre Edouard Ferry and Yannick Granneri.

The place was amazing. It is hidden in a disused box factory and unless you’re in the know you wouldn’t have a clue it was there. They have the ultimate winter training facility with a foampit, a ressy ramp like at Woodward and a six pack of big wooden doubles with a wicked hip at the end. 

We hit that place hard and I really had chance to get some practice in for next year. And it’s amazing how much you learn when you’re riding with different guys too. Check out the pics I took on my phone for all the moves.Although there’s little chance of getting bored there, they also have a bowl and a skatepark section with spines and jumpboxes everywhere to add a bit of variety. Amazing!

So we’d spend the day riding there and in the night we’d head to Amir’s house, which was a good 30mins journey away by train and bike – that was the only downside of going to and from the bikepark. Guess I must just be lazy!

Then each night we’d hit a local restaurant called Pasta Basta and get a whole pizza and carbonara pasta each – well we have to top up those energy levels, don’t we?

Right, I can almost hear those sleigh bells ringing so I’ll finish by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be sure to check out my next blog in the new year.