The MBUK boys hit the white stuff.

We don’t know what it’s like with you lot but Bath is a winter white-out this morning. We got heavy snow last night and more is on the way apparently. So with that in mind myself, Weaver and Doddy reckoned that we’d grab the bikes and head out for a play…


It seems like the entire working population opened their curtains this morning and declared it a bad job and went back to bed. The result is that the huge car-park directly opposite our office is completely empty and a few inches deep in snow; skid-pan!

With Doddler and Weavy opting for DH and FR machinery respectively I opted for my trusty Specialized P1. We tried for ages to get a speedway-style group drift on but the inevitable confusion as to whom was drifting where resulted in icy carnage.

This in turn resulted in frustrations within the group being vented in a large exchange of snowballs. The cleverest bit for me though was when Doddy pretended to be constructing a massive snowman only to grab it and smash it off the unsuspecting Weaver’s head. Genius.

Anyway, the lads are off up the golf course to get some ‘better pictures’ and have promised to be ‘back in a bit’ whilst I beaver on at work. Ever feel like a bit of a mug?!


Send us your snowy snaps and we may even stick the best ones in the mag…