Remember our blog saying that there wasn't any snow round here? Yeah, well that's all changed...

It’s a Friday, it’s snowing what else are we going to do?!


After axle-deep snow last night Doddy, Collins Boy, Jamer and I all managed to forge our way into work. However, once we got in and had a cup of coffee there was only one thing that seemed logical; get the bikes out!

A cold, hard slog across town later and we managed to find a welcoming hillside to let loose on. Doddy grabbed hold of a brand-spanking Cube Fritz, Jamer pulled out his new long-term Specialized SX Trail whilst Spoy and I went for the tried and tested Scott Gambler and Iron Horse Sunday.

Snow is a tricky thing to ride on. If you manage to get all your weight over the front wheel, ignore the back one, dodge the kids with sledges and spot the virtually invisible lips and edges then you’re in with a fighting chance…

Anyway, I had the first off with what I’d class as a MotoGP-style ‘high-side’ but what anyone else would deem as a ‘lack of talent’. After that was out of the way it was a case of just learning to let the back-end slide and dealing with any problems as they cropped up…

It may be wet and cold but snow riding is an amazing way to learn about letting your bike drift and generally just going a bit bonkers without getting hurt… Bonus!


Send us your snow-riding pics and lets see who the undisputed king of the white stuff is!