Sock it to the credit crunch!

A winter credit crunch bargain

Sock it

Sock it to the credit crunch!


Year 2009 slavering

This time of year I generally start slavering over new product launches, dreaming especially of investing in one or two new wet weather purchases as the skies begin to darken and the puddles widen. 

I have been particularly drawn to the fact that Lake’s new carbon soled MX 140 winter boots don’t for once look like they were made in a Victorian workhouse! In fact, they look suitably space age…but in the depths of credit crunch, they’re top dollar and will have to wait. So will the Endura Stealth waterproof tights that have been on the shopping list for a year already.

Credit Crunch

On an economy drive instead, I’ve been experimenting with socks…socks that will form part of a cunning plan: 

Sealskinz make some fabulous Long Light socks for £30. The beauty of them is that they instantly waterproof your feet, negating the need for costly winter waterproof shoes, as you can wear them simply with your ‘rest of year’ shoes. 

What’s more, they also waterproof you up to your knees. And, if it’s particularly cold, Sealskinz also make a merino sock liner for £7.50. 

In the past, I’ve experimented with the shorter Sealskinz socks, used in combination with Gore waterproof ‘stay up’ leg warmers. 

But, as my ankles are too chubby, I have to wear the socks over the Gore, making me look like Max Wall when combined with my Shimano MT51 shoes! 

What’s more, the Gore have a tendency to not grip my thighs as advertised, and start slipping down mid-ride. This leads to many a walker and fellow cyclist guffawing, at what appears to be a bearded Max Wall trannie impersonator trying to hide the shame of exposing naked thigh!

The fabulous knee length waterproof socks could be easily warn with Endura Venturi Event ¾ shorts, therefore ensuring complete lower half waterproofing.   

The only downside?


Instead of looking like a bearded Max Wall trannie, I now run the risk of looking like a golfer!