The Auburn Assassin’s Ginger Ninja Mobile

A sneak peek at some of the new Spank kit onboard Ric's Specializd P1...

Since arriving at MBUK Towers a few months ago, my little Specialized P1 has had a bit of a topsy-turvy time of it.


It’s my every-day-hack-about-Bath-skids-and-wheelies machine and tends to just accumulate parts as and when they hit my desk/other stuff breaks. It’s been known to wear a mish-mash of stuff from some lairy colour-clashing green DMR parts to the front wheel of Collins Boy’s DH bike when my new Marzocchi 4X forks arrived.

Finally however, I’m getting my act together and putting a bit of style and love back into the P1. Spank’s new Tweet Tweet kit is designed for the sort of abuse the Spesh receives and looks mint in it’s range of anno colours. I went for the orange which, as luck would have it matches the frame perfectly. The bars and stem are 25.4mm clamp and are available from Riding High UK.

One office opinion devider that I love though is the Tweet Tweet chain. It’s a half-link number that has had a touch of the same colour-match magic and I think it looks wicked! 


There’s a couple of other new touches and tweaks here and there but stay tuned to the MBUK Blog to get the full low-down once I manage to get her off the stand!