The snow must go on….

Ric and Weav hit the woods.

We got another dump of snow last night down in the South West. The remnants of the previous flurry were just on their way out until this mornings fresh powdery top-up.


Never ones to pull a fly one though, myself and Weaver had a photo-shoot booked and weren’t about to miss it. Jamer needed stuff shot and we weren’t going to let the wee man down!

So along with snapper Russ Burton we headed off up the woods to get a load of products and a couple of bikes shot. The snowy stuff was nearly axle deep in places and every now and again an unexpected gust of wind would dump a load more on your head for good measure. Bloody brilliant…


We’re back now (obviously) but our fingers feel like they’re filled with fibre glass and between the beards and the daft amount of snow we’ve brought in with us it looks like a scene from Scott of the Antarctic (ask your Dad) in here!