The Troy Lee Designs D3 has landed…

Look what we've got!

That’s right, late yesterday afternoon a mysterious helmet bag arrived at MBUK Towers.


Slowly but surely the most anticipated helmet in mountain biking history emerged from it’s dark cocoon and left us all open-mouthed in awe!

Amateur dramatics aside, this really is an amazing piece of kit. We’d all seen the hundreds of spy shots and forum posts but there’s absolutely no doubting that the all-new Troy Lee Designs D3 is a thing of absolute beauty.

The details and features of this uber-bling helmet are well documented but it’s the sheer technicality of it that’s most impressive. Right down to titanium D-rings and an emergency information section inside the peak. There are also pull tabs on each side which remove the cheek pads in an emergency should paramedics ever need to remove the helmet.

Venting is noticeably increased too over the D2 and some bloke called San Hill has written on it.

We’ll have a full run down on the magnificent new D3 in MBUK very soon.


Until then start drooling…