Brompton bikes: latest reviews, news and buying advice

The Brompton was born in London in 1975, and is still to this day the UK’s favourite folding bike. It makes getting around by bike so much easier, since you can fold it down quickly and easily, and hop on a train or bus without too much fuss.

Bromptons are fast become a commuter favourite, and are now available in many different guises, with a range of specs. There’s even an e-Brompton.

So, if you’re looking for the latest reviews and news from Brompton, this page has everything you need to know.


Brompton bikes

Brompton's SL2Brompton's SL2

The Brompton design is so good that there’s only one, yet the range still caters for many different uses. In order to pick the right one for you, here’s a guide to understanding the naming standards of Brompton bikes and what you’re getting for your money.

Brompton bikes are usually named with a letter, followed by a number, followed by another letter.

The first letter (S/M/H/P) refers to the type of handlebars:

  • S-type handlebars are low and flat, providing a more sporty riding position
  • M-type handlebars are a more classic riser shape, providing an efficient and comfortable ride
  • H-type handlebars are similar to the classic M, but with a 60mm higher stem, providing a more upright position
  • P-type handlebars are multi-position, providing a versatile ride

The number refers to how many gears the bike has. These tend to range between singlespeed to six gears.

If you live somewhere predominantly flat, then a singlespeed or one or two gears would be a great option, but if you’re riding on any gradients you might want to opt for a higher-geared Brompton.

The second letter (R/L/E) refers to the accessories that come with the bike:

  • R means it comes with a rack and mudguards
  • L means it comes with mudguards only
  • E means it comes with neither

On top of this, some Brompton bikes will include a name as well, which refers to their appearance.

There’s the Nickel, where the frame is finished with a 50-micron electrolysis nickel plating; the Nine Streets which has a special two-tone fade paint finish; and finally, Brompton recently introduced the Black edition, which comes with all black components.

Now you understand the naming of the bikes, you can choose from their range!

So for example, the Brompton S2L is a two-speed bike with a low and sporty riding position that comes complete with mudguards. It’s a great option if you want to ride fast all year round.

The Brompton P6R on the other hand has six gears, multi-position handlebars and comes fully equipped with mudguards and a rack. It’s the perfect bike to take with you on tour, allowing for luggage, varying hand positions and the option to hop on a train if needed.

Other options available in the Brompton range include a special telescopic seatpost for taller riders, and a titanium frame if weight-saving is important.

Finally, Brompton now has an e-bike available and you can read our first ride review for more details.

Brompton's Electric folding bikeBrompton's Electric folding bike

Of course, if none of these are perfect, then you can just build your own.

Where can you buy Brompton bikes?

Brompton has over 1,450 dealers around the world, so you’re bound to find one somewhere near you. Use the store locator on the Brompton website to find your nearest store.


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