Ribble Cycles bikes: latest reviews, news and buying advice

Ribble Cycles is a British bike company originally established in 1897. Now one of the UK's biggest online bike dealers and selling bikes all over the world, Ribble specialises in using thoroughly road-tested frames from the Far East as the basis of customer-specced bike packages that offer exceptional value for money.

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Ribble bikes

Ribbles 2019 range includes road, cyclocross, gravel, touring, time-trial, triathlon, track, urban, and electric bikes. Here’s a breakdown of what they offer so you can find the right bike for your needs.

Ribble 2019 road bikes

For road cyclists, there are a number of collections to choose from. Long-distance cyclists will want to look at the Endurance collection, which includes the aluminium AL, the carbon SL, and the steel 725. If sportive is more your thing, the R872 is a great value carbon option as well.

Ribble R872 Black 105 Fulcrum SE

Racers will want to check out the Endurance SL R series, which is the top choice for the Ribble Pro Cycling team. If aero is more your thing, there’s also the Aero 883 collection to peruse, with disc- and rim-brake options available, while time-trialists should check out the Ultra TT.

For those who like things a bit more rough, the CGR collection covers all things 'cross and gravel.

Finally, Ribble also has its own women’s specific carbon bike, the Sportiva.

Ribble CGR SL 105

More Ribble 2019 bikes

For commuters, the Ribble Urban is ideal, and comes in both aluminium and steel options, with flat bars and thick tyres that will take on those inevitable bumps in the road.

If you’re an adventurer setting off on a long tour, then Ribble’s Adventure collection should have you covered. The steel-framed Adventure 725 is great value for money, while if your pockets are a bit deeper, the Adventure Ti would make the ultimate long-distance machine.

Are you a serious racer who isn’t married to the road? The Ribble CX collection is built for cyclocross racing, while the Ultra Tri is perfect for those who like a triple challenge.

Finally, if you’re looking for an extra push, Ribble has a carbon electric road bike on offer, the Endurance SLe, which will be sure to get you up previously unimaginable climbs.

Where can I buy Ribble bikes?

Ribble Cycles specialises in online direct-to-consumer sales, but if you want to see a bike in person before committing to buy, there are showrooms located in Preston and Birmingham, England.

Ribble Cycles ships internationally, and there are Australian and German versions of its website.

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