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Whyte has really come into its own of late, with award-winning and consistently high-scoring bikes throughout its vast range. Whyte bikes is known for its unique geometry and ride character, high quality materials and components, and the finer details that make it an excellent option for any cyclist.

Established in 1999, Whyte is a British brand that’s gaining a global reputation. Back in the nineties, Kona and Marin were the two big names in mountain biking, and it was Marin who teamed up with John Whyte — a suspension designer at Benetton Formula One — to create the very unique-looking PRST-1. Thus, Whyte was born.

Since then, Whyte bikes has seen huge success. The T-130 won our Trail Bike of the Year category back in 2016 and has remained one of our favourite trail bikes as it continues to evolve.

As you scroll through our Whyte reviews below you’ll see its bikes impress time and time again.

Whyte bikes

Whyte is making a name for itself in the off-road category for sure, but it also produces a range of road, gravel and hybrid bikes.

Whyte 2019 road bikes

For the roadies, Whyte offers the Wessex range at the top-end, with a 1x drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, full carbon frame in race geometry and a Di2 model. If you’re after a road bike for long commutes, sportive and endurance riding, check out the Dorset, or the more compact Devon.

If you’re a gravel-grinder, you might be interested in the Friston, which is Whyte’s all-terrain bike. It comes with an aluminium frame and carbon fork, and SRAM Apex 1 drivetrain.

If you want to spend a little more, the Gisburn does the same job, but with the superior SRAM Force 1 groupset and a dropper post, among other upgrades.

If you want gravel as well as long distance touring, then you’re in luck. The Whyte Glencoe is designed exactly for this purpose, with 650b wheels and fat 47c WTB Horizon tyres, making for a comfortable ride no matter what the terrain.

Whyte Wessex
The Whyte Wessex

Whyte 2019 mountain bikes

For the gravity-loving downhillers there’s the G-170, which comes with super long-travel and a range of spec options, including 29er or 27.5in with plus tyres.

If enduro is more your thing, the S-150 is an incredibly fun and versatile bike, which gives you the option to switch between 29in and 27.5in wheels, effectively giving you two bikes in one.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, the T-130 is a brilliant trail bike. It comes with 27.5in wheels and plus-sized tyres for a playful do-it-all kind of ride.

The last in the full-sus lineup is the S-120, which is Whyte’s all-round XC bike with trail capabilities.

Whyte T-130 CRWhyte's T-130 CR

Moving onto hardtails there are plenty of options here too.

Whyte’s hardtail range can be split into three groups: 900-series, 800-series and 600-series.

900 is the top-end trail hardtail range with plus-size tyres and the best specs. The 800-series is the mid-range option, which gives great value for money, while the 600-series is ideal if you’re after an entry-level sports trail bike.

Whyte 905Whyte's 905

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It doesn’t end there. If you’re looking for a good urban-use commuter bike there are several options from Whyte.

At the entry-level there’s the Carnaby, which is a compact bike suitable for shorter riders. Its 1x drivetrain offers simplicity in the urban environment.

The Whitechapel and Shoreditch also have a 1x drivetrain, and a long wheelbase and relaxed head angle for comfort and stability.

If you’d prefer more gears the Stirling and Pimlico have a 2x11-speed drivetrain, aluminium frame and carbon fork, making for a lightweight commuter option that will get you up any hills you encounter.

If you’re after a comfortable ride, consider the Portobello and Victoria, which are currently bang on trend with their 650b wheels and 47c WTB Horizon tyres. They provide a plush ride that will soak up the potholes. These also feature a 1x drivetrain.

For comfort and a wide gear ratio, the Caledonian and Ridgeway both feature a front suspension fork and trail tyres, so it even has off-road capabilities.

Finally, who doesn’t love an elegant town bike? The Strawberry Hill is a beautiful Dutch-style bike with an upright riding position and step-through frame.

Where can you buy Whyte bikes?

Use the dealer locator on the website to find your local distributor.

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