B'Twin Tilt 5 bag - just in

Courier-style commuting bag with PVC finish

The B'Twin Tilt 5 is a £34.99 courier-style bag with handy details designed to keep your possessions secure and dry as you ride. With its wide shoulder strap, multiple pockets, silicone grippers on the rear and neat touches such as D-lock loops, metal buckles and an integrated light, on first inspection the bag seems to pack in the features.

The tough PVC and polyester construction looks as though it can handle some knocks while managing to keep everything dry inside. The base of the bag features a reflective orange logo and the back panel is bright orange as well. 

Storage consists of some internal compartments to keep things organised, and the Tilt 5 is large enough to hold a 17in laptop or A4 files comfortably, with various other pockets and compartments keeping everything else in place.

With a wide base that tapers in towards the top, capacity isn’t huge – if you’re someone who stuffs your bag full with clothes or shopping you might easily find its limits. We also noticed that when the opening is sitting vertically on your back the bag has to be fully closed not to drop its contents everywhere.

The fit is snug and secure, and the padded back panel should help it stay comfortable (and stop and sharp edged objects jabbing you in the side) when you’re riding. 

Inside are multiple compartments to keep things organised:
Inside are multiple compartments to keep things organised:

Inside are multiple compartments to keep things organised

For more information see the B'Twin website.

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