Selle Royal's 3 new saddles are made with love

Custom designs arrive in time for Christmas

It's the season of good cheer and glad tidings towards your fellow man, and with that in mind Selle Royal has released a collection of new saddle designs that capture the theme of 'love'. Scrooges, look away.

The Italian company commissioned three artists and illustrators from around the world to show the "complex feeling of love and what it means to them". The designs are being printed for Selle Royal's TA+TOO customisable saddles for urban cyclists, and they're on sale now.

The TA+TOO saddle designs

This creation from the man behind the 'pray for Paris' logo promotes a love for humanity
This creation from the man behind the 'pray for Paris' logo promotes a love for humanity

The first design is made by Jean Jullien, a French graphic designer who created the touching 'pray for Paris' logo in the wake of last year's Bataclan massacre. In this saddle he has created a design to represent and promote a love for humanity: a simple white dove, the symbol of peace.

'Love thyself', exhorts this design
'Love thyself', exhorts this design

The second design is by Ilaria Falorsi, a freelance illustrator based in Italy who has contributed to many children’s books. Ilaria's design speaks to the importance of self worth, of caring for ourselves before all others.

Ooh la la, this design is all about passion
Ooh la la, this design is all about passion

The third and final design is by Riccardo ‘Rik’ Guasco, an Egyptian illustrator and painter whose credits include campaigns for Rapha and Greanpeace. Love, to Riccardo, revolves around a passion... like cycling. His distinct style brings this to life in his saddle.

Pricing and availability

Give the gift of love this Christmas
Give the gift of love this Christmas

There will only be 100 of these Love Collection saddles made, so if you want one then you'll have to move fast. In terms of pricing, the TA+TOO base costs €35 and each removable top layer costs €45 (international pricing TBC).

They are on sale now from and if you order before 20 December you get guaranteed delivery in mainland Europe by Christmas Eve.

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