Trek Remedy launch part 2

Trek Remedy launch part 2


We’ve just come back from the Trek Remedy launch in Mexico.


Here’s an excerpt from the full feature article:

Mexico’s Barranca del Cobre is a long way from Trek’s somewhat flat hometown in Wisconsin, and its gnarly, rock-infested trails are an equally far cry from Trek’s roots in road bikes.

It’s quite fitting – and a relief – then, to discover that Trek have fashioned themselves one of the best All-Mountain rigs we’ve ridden…

Read on here to see how Doddy got on with the newest 6in trail bike to hit the mountain bike scene.


To check out the breathtaking scenery and trails to die for, sit back relax, and keep scrolling down for the delights of Mexico.

The Cathedral of Chihuahua

The state Chihuahua is aptly named

The Valley of the Monks offer stunning night time views

Andrew Shandro fixes a puncture under the watchful eye of some young Tarahumara boys

Shandro doing what Shandro does best

When Shandro looks over his shoulder like this, it normally means it’ll be the last you see of him on a ride…

Rocking through Creel on the way to the hills…

The indigenous Raramuri

Jez loves dogs. This dog would have hated him.

“Ever seen Children of the Corn?”

Michael Browne of Trek organising his Village People tribute band

The Valley of the Monks- nothing short of breathtaking

Tarahumara woman- they live a traditional life in cabins made from stone and wood, and are famous for their brightly coloured clothing. Beautiful shots like this wouldn’t look out of place in National geographic

Doddy cruises off into the unknown…

Doddy again. Cowboy in background

Your humble scribe engages autopilot over a slickrock section

No caption

The Big Mountain crew. Arturo (2nd from left shares a story)

A sea of Remedy’s

PB cruises off in to the sunset

The obligatory hero shot

And again with no heroes.

Words from the campfire in motion

Travis Brown’s handlebar is longer than the Remedy’s

El Remedios

A real life Cowboy- up close and personal.

Not wasteful like us western types, the Tarahumaran folk recycle everything. Flip flops made from car tyres.

Doddy climbing out of a Canyon. Lungs on floor just out of shot.

This stuff is just made for photos

Puncture sir?

You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his feet.

The Tarahumaran men appeared everywhere- and were always happy to have a photo. For a few Pesos.

Not a bad view really. Copper Canyon.

Group shot

Big Mountain guide giving it hell for leather

Jez’s new ride.

Mountain Bike Action’s Rich Cunningham tops up his tan on the white dirt