Asgard Access bike shed review£499.00

Tough bike storage

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Storage is always a problem for cyclists – you trip over the oily things in the house, and unless you’ve got a good garage, there’s nowhere safe or secure enough to leave them outside either.

Wooden sheds? Bike nicking scum laugh at them. The alternative is a metal storage unit like the Access bike shed.

Made of heavy galvanised steel, the Access has loads of well-thought out security features, such as twin shielded padlocks (included), reinforced and bolted double opening doors, and a huge gas-lift-assisted lid.

Once bolted down outside the house to an area of flat hardstanding, we wouldn’t think twice about leaving thousands of pounds worth of bikes in it.

It will fit four adult bikes, and the shelves and hooks kit make it even more versatile. Delivery is free, and for an extra £100 Asgard will assemble it – otherwise expect a morning of fiddling.

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