Updated: Torc Maxi Shackle review£42.00

Thief-defying bike anchor

BikeRadar score4/5

Torc make one of the best ground anchors available but have realised that not everyone will have a concrete floor to lock it to. So the Maxi Shackle was designed to offer a decent level of security when fastened to either a block wall, gatepost or similar.

It takes the form of a long plate with a U-shaped bulge welded firmly to it and has four holes that enable you to fit the shackle to an immovable object. The kit comes complete with the fitting of your choice – Liebig Safety Bolts for walls, through-fitting all thread studs or even a chemical resin mounting kit.

The Shackle’s opening is 50x50mm, widening to 80mm. That’s big enough to take most chains. The plate steel is very resistant to cutting and the combination of long bolts with resin capsule fittings and the long base plate make the Maxi Shackle extremely strong.

We threaded a chain through and swung it around, trying to get the Shackle to pull away from the wall. It didn’t budge at all. If you don’t have the option of fitting a ground anchor then the Maxi Shackle is pretty much the next best thing. We’d advise installing it in a place where your bike obscures it, which should make it even more difficult for a thief to attack.

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