Pragmasis Shed Shackle review£37.95

Versatile and effective anti-theft deterrent

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Shed Shackle gives you something to secure your bike to in your garden shed when you can't use a ground anchor, when the shed stands on timber decking or soil rather than a concrete footing, for example. It's simply a hardened, powder-coated steel shackle with various extension plates.

The device fits to any upright piece of timber and it features a horizontal steel support that resists twisting. The heads on the pre-thread-locked bolts also shear off when fitted so that - save for cutting the whole shed out - it's impossible to remove the device. It really is a fit-and-forget piece of kit.

Unlike a ground anchor, you can mount the Shed Shackle at any height, so you can lock bikes directly to it and, although nothing will ever be truly secure when locked to a timber-framed construction, it's a damn sight better than letting a tea leaf swan off with your ride without so much as putting up a fight.

Make sure you fit it exactly where you want it, because once it's on it's nigh-on impossible to remove without sawing a big hole in your shed wall - neither you nor a potential thief is really going to want to do that. You even get a drill bit thrown in!

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