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Shed storage

BikeRadar score4/5

Topeak's OneUp Bike Holder costs a fair bit more than many similar products, but that extra cash buys you a better looking product with an integrated helmet holder and separate rear wheel cradle.

It takes just a few minutes to fit, and is an easy way of storing your bike upright and out of the way in a shed or garage.

Instead of the normal hook to grip your front wheel, the OneUp has a straight tube with a ribbed plastic cover. These ribs grip spokes well and combine with the plastic tyre cradle that fixes onto the front of the OneUp to hold your bike in place.

The weakness of this system is that bikes can be dislodged from the tube if they receive a hefty sideways (and slightly upwards) knock. The advantage is that they are easier to get on and off than with a traditional hook.

All in all this is a quality product, and the double helmet hanger is a useful feature for those short of space. It's just a shame that its (admittedly more basic) rivals are a third of the price.

Topeak rate it for tyres up to 6cm (2.35in) wide, and bikes weighing up to 16kg (35lb).

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