ETC Grand Tour High car rack review£92.99

No lighting board needed

BikeRadar score4/5

One of the drawbacks of most boot-mounted racks is that they can partially obscure the numberplate and rear lights, so you have to fit a lighting board if you’re not going to upset the boys in blue. The High Bike gets around this by carrying the bikes nice and high.

There’s no assembly required, and it’s an easy rack to fit. If you’ve used similar bike carriers, you’ll have this on the car in moments. Which is just as well because the instructions are rather basic, with the words and pictures printed on separate pages.

With the straps fully tightened the Grand Tour attached securely to the back of our car, showing no sign of movement at the end of our test drive. Build quality is a little basic for the price, on a par with the Edinburgh Revolution Shuttle which costs £30 less.

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