Minoura Vergo Excel car rack review£109.99

In-car support stand

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This support stand holds two bikes, front wheels off, in the back of a van or MPV where they won’t affect fuel consumption or get damaged or nicked. Unlike most in-car racks it doesn’t wedge or strap in place; it’s an aluminium bar that sits loose on rubber feet.

The bikes can rock a bit at the back but, short of an Inception-style car roll, they won’t fall about because they’re clamped by their forks to the 97cm-wide stand. The fork clamps are quick-release and can be put anywhere on the bar, and you can adjust the clamp angle so that bikes with wide, flat bars can stand side by side.

Clamps are available for mountain bikes with 15mm and 20mm through-axle forks (£26.99), and you can get supports for detached wheels (£29.99). The only downside to the system is that the bikes’ bars stop you getting them very close together.

Strapping them to the side of the car with blankets in between for protection is much more space efficient. But if you’re precious about your car’s interior and the finish of your bikes, the Vergo is a good solution.

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