Saris Bones RS car rack review£170.00

Top-of-the-range boot rack

BikeRadar score4.5/5

How much? Yes, £210 is rather a lot to pay for a boot-mounted bike rack, but then the Bones RS is really rather good.

What sets it apart from other good rear-mounted cycle carriers is the belt-and-ratchet system to attach it to your car in place of the usual straps and buckles.

The steel belts fit loosely, then the ratchet lever tightens them for a secure fit. Most importantly, the belts stay tight, and can be locked in position with a key.

In practice, we found the Bones RS secure and stable. Build quality is much better than that of most cheaper racks, and the lifetime warranty is reassuring.

It just comes down to how much you’re prepared to spend. The Bones RS is one of the best rear-mounted bike carriers available, but the Bones 3 is almost as good and costs £75 less.

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