Twinny Load Ergo car rack review£373.99

Costly but secure option

BikeRadar score3/5

The Ergo needs to be quite a rack to be worth the extra over our top-rated Thule EuroClassic G5 908, and first impressions aren’t very good.

The moment you open the box it’s obvious there’s lots to do before the rack will be ready to fit. Even worse, the written instructions are in Dutch, and might as well be in double Dutch for all the use they are.

For almost £400 it’s disappointing that the lighting board and wheel carriers have to be fitted, while attaching the rack needs an awkward mix of precision and strength.

Still, we like the way the bikes are secured by the cranks rather than the frame, minimising the chance of scuffs. Like the Thule, there’s a tilt function if you need to get at your luggage en route. In spite of these useful features, the Twinny struggles to justify its high price.

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