Briko Endure Pro Solo eyewear review£54.99

Great shades for UK conditions

BikeRadar score4/5

The Thrama Active Plus AF lens that comes with the Endure Solo is a great all-rounder. Offering 30 pecent light transmission it’s ideally suited to Britain’s changeable weather. 

The minimalist frame is a great fit, and the Syncro nose bridge adjustment worked well. The slender arms don’t feel fragile, and fit around helmets and straps easily while still gripping the sides of the skull snugly. 

The 'active' in the lens name is slightly misleading though. There are photochromic lenses in the range, but this isn't one - Briko uses the designaiton to indicate suitability for sports.

hat semantic niggle aside, the Endure Pro Solo is what we expect from Briko: great shades that perform well and don’t cost the earth. 

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