Giro Filter eyewear review£174.99

Stylish, functional glasses with clever removal system

BikeRadar score4/5

Unlike other interchangeable lens eyewear, you don’t need to touch and therefore dirty the Giro Filter's lens to either fit or remove it. 

Simply flip the Pop-Top hidden levers located just in front of and above the arm hinges, and slot the new lenses into position. It takes no force and therefore only the lightest grip of the lens edge is required. When located, simply flip the levers shut and the lenses are locked into position, without rattling or slipping.

The lenses are Zeiss engineered and offer complete optical clarity. So far we’ve only used the clear lenses, which have been great. The rest is fairly standard fare: lightweight plastic frames and vented tacky rubber inserts on the arm tips and nose piece. Our silver pair came with a medium grey lens, a spare clear lens and the obligatory lens cloth bag.

The Filters were a perfect fit for our testers but they could be too tight on larger faces. After wearing Oakley’s M frames and Radars for so long, we’re not used to having the arms quite so close to our head. That said, the close fitting arms do make getting them on and off easy with a helmet on as they slip inside the straps without catching.

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