Spiuk Arqus glasses review£89.99

Good value eyewear

BikeRadar score3.5/5

With three interchangeable lenses, a hard case, a cleaning bag and even a Spiuk sticker, these one-piece lens sunnies are good value and good quality. They’ll see you from spring days right through summer and out the other side.

There’s a mirror grey lens for bright conditions, a clear one for rain and dark and an orange option to make overcast days cheerful. All are vented and sit far enough from your face that they don’t steam up on hard climbs.

The earpieces are lightly sprung and curve out to clear helmet straps. The rubber coating grips your head without feeling sticky or overly tight, and there’s additional rubber on the top of the frame for a rattle-free fit.

They're extremely unobtrusive, with distortion-free optics and a solid feel. Swapping lenses is easy, and we’ve worn far worse looking glasses. Spiuk offer a wide range of colours, plus photochromic lenses.

Rob Spedding

Editor-in-Chief, Cycling Plus, Cycling Plus Magazine
Editor-in-chief Rob has been pedalling Cycling Plus since 2007. His first proper road bikes were a Raleigh Sprint in the early 1980s and then a Trek 1000 in 1999. A former competitive runner, Rob has repeatedly threatened to become a competitive cyclist in every discipline from time-trailling to hill climbing to bike polo. We're still waiting.
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