Cateye Adventure computer review£99.99

Wireless bike computer

BikeRadar score4/5

The Adventure is similar in its sleek design and simple-but-intuitive interface to the popular Cateye Strada.

The extra £50 you pay for the Adventure gives you a barometric altimeter which, in addition to the usual speed and distance travelled readings, also provides temperature, ascending altitude, total altitude gain and slope – though on the steepest hills we’d recommend resisting the natural urge to stare at the computer, especially when descending!

Initial set up is relatively straightforward – you just input current and home altitudes – and once on the bike, the whole computer acts as your main button. Hold down centrally and secondary functions are accessible (including resetting the altitude). A single press anywhere else scrolls through the data and a long hold resets it. It’s a great, simple system that works really well.

In unsettled weather conditions we found the absolute altitude was not always accurate,and on round trips we found some disagreement between the start and end altitudes. But the total climb data gave us a good feel for how hilly our local routes are.

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