Cateye HR200DW review£59.99

A great computer for the money in all respects

BikeRadar score4.5/5

With wireless heart rate and speed, the whole thing is quick and simple to fit and set up. The bar mount will fit almost any bar (even fat aero shaped ones unless they’re silly large) and the new heart rate sensor can be used with the strap provided or fitted directly to clothing so long as that clothing is a snug fit. 

Women will be pleased as it fits a sports bra perfectly.

The computer has all the functions you could ask for, and the easy to read three-segment display lets you choose what’s shown on the screen – which means less time clicking buttons and more time riding and monitoring.

There’s a backlight too, and even a remote button kit to control the unit from the hoods or grips. We’d like another programmable heart rate zone, but just the one is good for such an affordable, feature-packed unit. Battery life appears to be excellent, and it is made up to Cateye’s typical high standards.

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