ETC Nine-O computer review£17.99

Feature-filled wired unit

BikeRadar score4/5

It may not be wireless, but ETC's Nine-O bike computer is super-slim and simple to operate. Mounted to either bar or stem, it gives you all the key readings in large figures.

It also has a temperature display, a speed comparator (which tells you whether you’re riding faster or slower than your average) and a graphic that shows whether you’re accelerating or decelerating – but that one is too small to make out easily. There are also ‘calories used’ and ‘fat burnt’ measurements, although we’d treat them with a hefty pinch of salt.

The backlight is a more useful feature, as is the ability to input a second wheel size – an extra mount kit comes as part of the package so switching over to another bike couldn’t be easier. Changing the battery is a bit awkward, though; even with the right tiny screwdriver, we struggled to remove the backplate.

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