Knog NERD 9 computer review£53.99

A fun choice

BikeRadar score2.5/5

This big rubbery computer is a ‘love or hate’ item but it’s certainly distinctive. The NERD head and sensor use the same wraparound silicone body with built-in hook and loop fastening design as Knog’s lights.

The one-piece head unit is fully sealed and the head can also be turned round inside the rubber sheath so it will wrap around a bar or stem. The massive knurled magnet needs offsetting against the valve to balance the wheel but it does cope with bladed spokes.

The digits on the display are big and clear to read. They scroll like those on a fruit machine though, a system that will either delight you with its wackiness or drive you nuts when you’re trying to pace your efforts accurately.

The average and current versus maximum speed bar graph takes up a lot of space too. Considering the low function count and lack of backlight, the NERD 9’s not exactly cheap either.

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