Sigma BC 1609 STS computer review£69.99

Cadence measuring device

BikeRadar score4.5/5

This wireless computer is one of the cheapest available that measures your cadence (without the cadence function it’s £54.99).

Setting it up is effortless – everything attaches with stretchy rubber rings, but you can use zip ties for extra security, and both sensors flash when they start transmitting.

You get several useful functions over and above the norm, including time and distance countdowns plus temperature, a stopwatch and a backlight. The large figures on the two-line display are clear and you soon learn which button will take you to the info you’re after.

Buy a second bike kit (£49.99) and the computer will automatically recognise when you swap it over, and also keep separate time and distance records for your two different bikes. You can download the measurements onto your PC and record them with the Sigma Data Center software and docking station too (£49.99).

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