Topeak Panoram V16 computer review£74.99

Widescreen device

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This distinctive cycle computer measures 66mm x 35mm and gives you four clear readings on the display at any time – five if you count the pace indicator.

The wireless speed and cadence sensors attach easily while the head unit sits on a mount above the bar, freeing up valuable space. Apart from setting it up, you only ever have to use one button and that’s so long that you can barely miss it, so operation is about as straightforward as it comes.

You don’t get a vast number of functions but all the essentials are here along with a few extras, including a stopwatch, average and maximum cadence, and temperature, while the low battery indicator is handy too.

There’s also a second bike setting – an extra sensor kit will cost you £34.99. The only interference we had was a couple of seconds here and there from traffic light sensors – nothing overly serious.

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