VDO X3DW computer review£54.99

Good training option

BikeRadar score4/5

Several useful features make this wireless computer a good training option. Timers let you set different work and rest periods for interval training, a lap timer stores up to 30 laps worth of data, and you get both time and distance countdown modes too.

All the other key functions are present with the navigator counter – independent of the trip distance – coming in particularly handy for following route instructions.

The head unit sits on either the bar or stem and setup is easy thanks to an indicator light that tells you when the sensor starts transmitting. You can input a second wheel size and buy an extra sensor for another bike (£24.99), and add a cadence sensor too (£24.99).

The two most-used buttons sit flush alongside one another, which makes things awkward in big gloves, but we had no trouble reading the display and nothing disrupted the digital signal. 

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