Velomann V1.31 computer review£149.99

PC compatible bike computer

BikeRadar score4/5

This new bike computer comes with 31 functions and is fully compatible with your PC. Rather than having separate speed and cadence sensors, this Velomann device uses just one integrated unit that mounts on your chainstay.

There are no wires to fiddle with, so your bike stays pleasingly clutter-free. Fitting the sensor so it could read from both the crank and the rear wheel magnets was a bit of a juggling act, and we had to swap the chunky spoke magnet provided for something smaller. Depending on your bike setup, you might be luckier. Once up and running though, we had no problems.

The screen is fairly large and gives you a whole lot of information without the need to toggle through different screens. So, for example, you can display your speed, cadence, heart rate (a chest strap transmitter comes as part of the package), the temperature and a stopwatch all at the same time, along with an icon that tells you how your speed compares to your average. It’s all readable and if you want other information, the buttons are large and easy to hit. The altitude function is particularly valuable for measuring your climbs too.

When you get home, you can download the data onto your PC (you need Windows XP or 2000 – there’s no Mac support as yet) using the USB cable provided, and check it all out in chart form on the Velomann software, which also acts as your on-screen training diary. You can quickly upload settings from your PC too, which is easier than altering them on the device itself. All in all, you’re getting a whole lot for £150.

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