Garmin Oregon 300 GPS review£359.00

OS map navigation aid

BikeRadar score3/5

Garmin’s chunky Oregon is operated by a large colour touchscreen. It survived testing but we wonder how it will cope with abrasion resistance under wet, gritty UK riding conditions, and it’s dificult to navigate the functions with gloves on.

The Ordnance Survey mapping was a joy, although reproduction is fuzzy thanks to the tough face material. The compact size (60 x 115 x 35mm) means you can stuff it in a pocket on a whim.

The unit takes SD cards for data uploads, and battery life (it takes two AAs) exceeds that of similar units like Magellan's Triton 1500 and the Satmap Active 10.

We found the user interface clunky and cramped with a lot of irrelevant PDA-based functions like calendar and calculator. Vital functions were hidden in unintuitive places but the data fields can be modified to make usage easier.

Weight is 150g. Features include an electronic compass, barometric altimeter and wireless transfer to other units.

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