Magellan Triton 1500 GPS review£340.00

Disappointing GPS unit

BikeRadar score1.5/5

The Triton is a touchscreen unit, with additional buttons and click pad controls. There’s a useful hold function and a stylus has been supplied to resolve the issue of touchscreens and gloves – but it’s the size of a large toothpick and quickly vanished into the grass.

We had ongoing issues with software freezes that were not resolved at the time of print, and Magellan have lost their UK distributor recently, so we struggled to obtain full support for the unit.

Otherwise, initial impressions were okay. Mapping is clear and the Triton takes SD cards for route uploads. It runs off easily sourced AA batteries, and weighs in at 227g.

Unfortunately the bike mount is an unstable arrangement that positions the unit uncomfortably high, making it dificult to see, and we weren’t sure how much use the built-in audio recorder, LED torch and MP3 player would be on the trail.

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