Satmap Active 10 Plus GPS review£379.99

Nice and easy to use

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Active 10 Plus comes preloaded with a map of Great Britain at 1:1,000,000 scale, a 1:250,000 road map (road atlas-style) and a 1:5 million scale world map.

If you want to add OS maps you’re looking at £59.99 for 1:50,000 scale and £39.99-£200 for 1:25,000. There are plenty of maps available and there will soon be a way to build your own custom map by telling Satmap what you want.

The unit is easy to use and the online route planner makes planning a route much easier than doing it on the unit itself, but there were a few annoyances.

The claim of postcode enabled navigation only works on a small number of maps and it isn’t on the Active 10 itself; the buttons, when wet, are slippery if you’re wearing gloves; and the speed of the system had us shouting at it from time to time.

Zooming out of the map takes a while for the screen to refresh and when travelling quickly it was all too easy to overshoot waypoints for turnings because it simply didn’t update our position fast enough.

  • Casing: Good sealing, but it could do with being much tougher at the top curved section for better impact-proofing.
  • Buttons: Large and easy to use even with gloves on, although the joystick in the middle is a bit overly sensitive.
  • Display: Large and bright, although at times annoyingly slow to update, especially when zooming.
  • Batteries: The rechargeable lithium polymer battery gives a good run time, but not as long as the manufacturer claims.
  • SD card slot: Not as well sealed as we would like – our memory card got wet. It still worked, though.
  • USB and audio: There’s an audio output jack for the audible point of interest (POI) function.

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