Suunto X10 GPS watch review£342.55

Global positioning in watch form

BikeRadar score4/5

The X10 is ideal for multi-sport enthusiasts who don’t want a device confined to a bar mount on one bike or swinging round their neck on a lanyard. 

This ‘wrist-top computer’ is a Tardis of functionality – the GPS displays bike computer-like live data, and will record it along with your route so you can upload it to digital mapping programs on your PC with the included free Suunto Track Exporter software. It can also do waypoint navigating, route following and trackback functions.

Additional functions include an altimeter, barometer and digital compass, plus the usual alarm, stopwatch and time-keeping functions. Satellite reception is improved over the previous X9i model, as is the rechargeable battery life.

Its size means navigating the functions with the five-button controls is physical and mental work, and unlike some bigger handheld units, or GPS mobile phones which pinpoint you on an on-screen digital map as you travel, the X10 needs to be used with a traditional paper map for live exploring.

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