BioLogic Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap review

Record heart rate data on your smartphone

BikeRadar score2/5

The new BioLogic Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap works easily with the latest iPhone models and Android mobiles, but it burns through batteries at an unacceptably fast rate. We would only get  seven hours from each of two new CR2030 batteries we tried. This is a far cry from the 200-hour life BioLogic claims.

The promise of Bluetooth heart rate data is great: you can use your smartphone as a cycling computer with GPS, heart rate and even power information. Using the BioLogic straps with an iPhone 5 and both the Strava and Wahoo Fitness apps, we found the strap to pair quickly and reliably for a steady HR signal. 

Unfortunately, the BioLogic strap isn't very user friendly, as it requires changing batteries far too often. The body of the unit is larger than standard ANT+ heart rate straps as well.

If battery life could be improved, the BioLogic strap could be a handy way to add HR data to rides recorded on your phone. As is, however, we can't recommend this product.

BioLogic Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap

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