Cardiosport Go15 heart rate monitor review£39.99

Not the best value

BikeRadar score3/5

The Cardiosport is better looking than some other entry-level heart rate monitors, and you can buy a rubberised bar mount for an additional £6.99.

Getting going is easy enough and you’re able to program in the upper and lower limits of a zone and set an audible alarm. The fabric body strap is comfortable and stays in place well.

Syncing and monitoring is fairly consistent, but not flawless. The display is tiny and we had a couple of sketchy moments leaning forwards to read it.

Training data recall is where the Cardiosport really disappoints though, because although it’ll recall maximum, minimum and average heart rate for your last session, you’re unable to access the amount of time spent in your target zone. In the Cardiosport range you have to spend almost £60 before that feature is available.

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