Polar S725X Pro Team Edition review£247.50

Deservedly popular heart rate monitor with every function under the sun

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The S725X combined HRM and bike computer has proved massively popular among both high level competitors and statistically-minded recreational athletes for the stacks of usable information on offer and its user-friendly format.

It features every HRM function you could think of and dozens more.

The ability to program in your own three training zones is particularly valuable, as is the interval trainer. This lets you set your work and recovery based on time, heart rate (the period ends when you hit your chosen HR) or distance.

Everything is recorded in separate files that you can either check on the wrist unit or download to a PC and analyse using the ProTrainer 5 Windows software included in the package. You'll need an infrared interface to do this (Polar's is £40) if you don't have one built into your computer.

Mount the wireless speed sensor on your forks and the S725X becomes a cycle computer that gives you key speed and distance data. It's compatible with Polar's cadence sensor (£26.50) and other bike and run products too.

The soft strap is the most comfortable we've tested recently, the display is easy to read, even in motion, and a handlebar mount is included.

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