PRO Scio W-2.1 computer review£49.99

Multi-function cycle computer

BikeRadar score3/5

This computer has several neat, unusual features but it’s pretty expensive for what you get. Large figures make the dual-line display ultra clear while the two-button operation is simple to understand, and you can set it to scan through the various readings to save you scrolling.

In addition to the essentials, you get a stopwatch, a calorie-meter (although such a feature is never going to be incredibly accurate) and a countdown function. This enables you to program in a target distance for your ride and then you’re told how far is left, along with an estimate of how long it’ll take you.

The ability to program in the wheel size for a second bike could be useful to you – an extra sensor kit will set you back £29.99 – but we found the analogue signal susceptible to interference from other equipment, including a large LED light and other computers.

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