Nite Rider Tailfazer review£15.00

In terms of brightness, this light is a strong performer

BikeRadar score4/5

In terms of brightness, this has the edge on the Electron unit found in the Electron Nano 1 front / 7 LED rear light twin pack, but it is not as bright as the Cateye LD610 (which is only a fiver more).

It is slightly less bright than both of those lights at obtuse angles, but it is still very good indeed.

Despite initial reservations about the weatherproofing, it is well sealed and runs substantially longer than the claimed 30 hours, with ours only recording a marked drop in brightness at the 36 hour marker from the two AAA batteries. Like the Cateye and the Electron it can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and the supplied mount is pretty easy to install.

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