Blackburn X4 SL review£150.00

While installation is easy, this light struggles to match the performance and practicality of its rivals

BikeRadar score3/5

With quick and easy mounting for the light and a simple velcro strap for the battery box, installing the Blackburn is a doddle.

It's not quite as easy to remove when you park up, though. The light unit is not a quick release design and, although it is relatively quick to remove it's more of a fiddle-tamper-fiddle release. Also, the charging socket is on the top of the battery unit, which means it's hidden against the stem or frame when installed, requiring removal for charging. The brightness and quality of light is simply not on a par with some of the other lights at this price, and considering that the Exposure Joystick outperforms it hands down for only a tenner more, it would seem that keeping last year's lamp assembly and simply upgrading to a Li-ion battery has done Blackburn few favours.

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